Everyday digital devices are no longer just tools; they have become gateways to a new multi-layered reality, an exponentially growing augmented universe that we experience largely without a physical connection. As human beings made of flesh, we now spend most of our time in a digital landscape, seeking happiness, wealth, relationships, knowledge, and experiences. What […]


Jasmine, a hairdresser from Naples in her 40s, appears to have it all: a devoted husband, three sons, and her own thriving salon. However, after her father’s passing, she is haunted by a recurring dream that sparks an intense desire for a daughter. Determined to make this dream a reality, she boldly decides to adopt, […]

My Uncle Jens

Akam, a young literature teacher, lives a comfortable life in Oslo until his estranged uncle from the Iranian part of Kurdistan unexpectedly arrives for a visit. Despite limited space in a shared flat with friends, Akam feels obligated to invite his uncle to stay for a few days. However, as days go by, his uncle, […]


Haunted by vivid dreams and tormented by inner demons, an Arab author embarks on a journey to a remote German island driven by a desire to end his life. Amidst the depths of his despair, an encounter with an elderly woman and her son illuminates life’s hidden beauty, igniting a silent yet powerful redemption and […]

The Life Apart

In Vicenza, a beautiful Italian art city, a young wealthy couple joyfully welcomes the birth of a long-awaited daughter in the early 1980s. But the child’s face is disfigured by a red birthmark that covers half her face. This spot haunts the mother to the point that she rejects her responsibilities as a mother. The […]

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